A poem in Red River Review

A poem I wrote in 2008 or 2009, titled “In the Edit Suite“, has been published in Red River Review.

This was a time when I was rather overawed by technology. In the final semester of my Masters in English, I took an optional course from the department of Communication in which we were divided into groups and required to produce a 20-second Public Service Announcement video. I still remember sitting in the editing studio with my work partner, an easygoing chap from the Communication dept who was mostly self-taught in computers and the bewildering array of equipment that is the pride of media departments everywhere. Every time I diffidently asked him, “Can we do this? Can we do that? Can we divide the screen into four images?” or other such inanities, he would wave a hand with a seraphic smile and say, “We can do anything.” Afterwards, my one-year stint in publishing opened my eyes to the possibilities of editing software like Photoshop, and I had spent endless hours negotiating where the text should meet the illustrations. These possibilities were the stuff that metaphors were made of. And anyway, I love mixing myself a nice cocktail of metaphors!


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